If the answer is not good, you are not alone. It is estimated that 30% of babies and toddlers do not sleep well. Babies need on average approximately 12-15 hours of sleep per 24 hours depending on their age.

Sleep deprivation is massively over looked in this country and not seen as a health problem, more par for the course if you have young children, almost a passage to rights. I really want to change this, it isn't a form of torture for no reason and it can be debilitating. 

Yes it  is true, babies are programmed to wake in the night, depending on age most babies will wake from newborn every couple of hours, reducing to 2 or 3 after 3 months or so and then its still common up until the age of 1 for babies to wake for a bit of of a love or a feed, if its more than this or you are having trouble with other issues with sleep such as bedtime resisting, long periods awake in the night and short naps then I would love to help. The aim here is to make an unmanageable and unsustainable situation better to a point where all the family are benefitting and being able to enjoy just that, being a family and focusing on quality time together. 

Sleep can become all consuming, what I will be able to instill in you is the confidence to tackle your child's sleep problems in a method that you feel comfortable with. I will obviously talk in length about the pro's and con's of all the methods that I recommend.

Children do grow out of sleep problems but not usually until the ages of 4-7. That is a long time for all concerned to be sleep deprived. And studies have shown if sleep is not any better by pre school age it can affect their development, behaviour and ability to learn.

Here's how I can help.

I create sleep plans individual to your child, their personality and your parenting style. Before I recommend a plan of action, I find out all your child's background information and ask you to keep an in depth food, feed and sleep diary for me, I then come to your home and we will talk through why your child is not sleeping well, I will give you two or three methods to choose from to solve your child's sleep issue and anything else I feel is relevant (feeding, environment, bedtime routine, timings). I  type up our conversation along with the method you choose and then the support run over 2-3 weeks depending on your babies age and the sort of problems we are facing.

All my programs are gentle and extremely effective. Please see my testimonials.All of my programs are tailored specifically for the age range of the child, I would never recommend anything that your baby or child would not be able to cope with mentally.

I look forward to working with you and having your whole family rest easy, sleep soundly.

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How did you sleep last night?