If the answer is not good, you are not alone. It is estimated that 30% of babies and toddlers do not sleep well. Babies need on average approximately 12-15 hours of sleep per 24 hours depending on their age.

Sleep deprivation is massively over looked in this country and not seen as a health problem, more par for the course if you have young children, almost a passage to rights. I really want to change this, it isn't a form of torture for no reason and it can be debilitating.

When your baby or toddler does not sleep well, it not only affects their health but has a huge impact on your family as a whole. 


Lack of sleep can cause developmental and emotional issues. 

If you answer YES to any of the questions below then give me a call!

Would you like a happy, well rested child? 

Would you ALL benefit from a full nights sleep?

Have you tried lots of things but nothing works?

Are you feeding, rocking or patting your baby to sleep?

Are you padding up and down the stairs all evening?

Is lack of sleep causing issues between you and your partner?

Children do grow out of sleep problems but not usually until the ages of 4-7. That is a long time for all concerned to be going without a full nights sleep. 

Here's how I can help.

I create sleep plans individual to your child, their personality and your parenting style. I will find out everything about your child before I recommend a plan of action, I will draft a copy and then come to your home and we will talk through the why's, the how's and what if's. The plans run over 2-3 weeks depending on your babies age and the sort of problems we are facing.

All my programs are gentle and extremely effective. Please see my testimonials. I would never expect you to leave your child to cry.

I look forward to working with you and having your whole family rest easy, sleep soundly.

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How did you sleep last night?