"We contacted Sarah when our little boy was 13 months old. He had been a terrible sleeper since 4 months old and was getting worse, waking up at least every 2 hours and having spells in the night where he could be awake for hours. We were all exhausted.

Sarah wrote us a sleep plan that was really detailed and i felt confident using it.

The first night he only woke up once! And by night 6 he slept through the night for the first time ever.

Since having Sarah's help our little man now sleeps through the majority of nights for 12 or 13 hours. He goes to bed happily, and is standing at the bottom of the stairs pointing at his bedroom asking to go to sleep if we are not quick enough getting him down. He loves his sleep now. He takes 2 hour naps in the day and we are all more rested.

More than anything our son has developed in to such a confident, secure, happy little boy and we've seen such a change in him. 

We would definitely recommend Sarah a million times over."


"Our son who is now 10 months old had never slept through the night. My wife and I were really starting to suffer from lack of sleep. We had tried many methods but never really had any success. Then during one of our nightly searches on the internet for a solution we found out about sleep therapy. I decided we needed help.

I contacted Sarah who was keen to hear about our sleep problems. She sounded very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and wanted to meet with us to talk through how to resolve the issue.

Sarah was very confident that the sleeping could be resolved and that gave me the confidence in her. After the meeting with Sarah she set us up with a 2 week plan. She explained that it would be challenging to begin with but that if we stick to it we would see results quickly, 

We did and immediately started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Within 3 nights our son was starting to sleep through. 

Sarah contacted us daily to discuss what had happened during the night and offer further support where it was needed. It has been a tremendous and essential help to us for which we are very grateful.

I would recommend if there are other parents, particularly first time parents who are having problems with their baby sleeping that they contact Sarah's Sleepyheads for guidance. We would not be in the fortunate position we are in if it hadn't been for Sarah."


"I cannot praise or thank Sarah enough for her patient, kind and understanding approach to sleep training my daughter. Sarah chatted to me about my daughter's character, and my own lifestyle, values and parenting philosophy before helping me to develop a perfect tailor-made sleep plan. After months of frustration, emotion and exhaustion, i have a happy, content little girl who sleeps 12 hours a night......Blissful! Highly recommend!"

"Leo was never a good sleeper, he had acid reflux and we fell into a lot of bad habit. When he turned 1 he had never slept for longer than 3 hours at a time. I was exhausted and at my wits end. I decided to try sleep train him myself but two weeks later I was no closer to getting a full nights sleep. I managed to get him to sleep in his own cot but he was still waking at least three times a night and his day began at 3am. Nothing I could do would get him to go back to sleep and now I was at breaking point. That's when I asked Sarah for help. She assured me that she would have him sleeping through within a week and that's exactly what happened. She gave me a step by step plan which I was comfortable doing and within three nights he was sleeping 11 hours. It was a few subtle changes that made all the difference yet I would never have known only for her expertise. I now have my evenings back and I'm getting a full nights sleep. Leo is also a happier little boy because he is better rested. Everyone's a winner!"

"You will never actually know the extent of how much you have done for myself personally and our family unit and most importantly my son.

I was more than apprehensive and I am half Scottish so paying out so much money is normally avoided at all costs.

However there isn't a price on what you have done for our family and without your help i genuinely don't know what may have happened so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your non-judgmental no-nonsense simple approach and most importantly one that was always focused on my sons wellbeing.

P.S I never thought I would see the day when getting ready for bed that my son would point to his cot as if to say I want to get in there now!! xxxx"

"At 7 months our baby was still waking on average every 90 minutes and wanted to be fed to sleep each time and usually only managed an hour in the cot before wanting to sleep with me. We had tried all the usual things - white noise, swaddling, rocking to sleep, leaving to cry, experimenting with different nap and bed times, and it was just getting worse to the point that everyone was too tired to function.

We contacted Sarah after seeing recommendations on Facebook. She asked us loads of questions, not just about sleep but about parenting style, feeding etc. She used these to come up with a sleep plan and spent an hour with us explaining it and answering questions. It was a very detailed 2 week plan. It did involve some crying but didn't involve any crying it out- although our baby was upset they were not left alone to cry at all. 

The first night there was only one wake up and feed! And from then on they have slept through (other than periods of illness but has still gone back in cot after the calpol and resettling). We have followed the same routine on holiday and the baby has still slept through which we were very surprised about.

It changed our lives! It gave us the energy to get out and start enjoying maternity leave. The baby started eating food in the day as wasn't drinking all night any more and was much happier.

Throughout the 2 week program Sarah checked in every day with us and was always on hand to answer questions. I'd definitely recommend Sarah if you are having sleep issues - you don't have to wait for them to grow out of it! xxxx"

"Our Little boy (14 months) was the worst sleeper ever! He'd never slept well, but after a short spell in hospital at 7 months we slipped into lots of bad habits with him.

You name it - we did it! He was fed, rocked, cuddled, sang to, pushed (in the pushchair) to sleep, and still woke every hour or two. I spent my evenings trotting back and forth up the stairs to settle him, and my night times with him in bed next to me as it was easier than going in and out to him all night. We kept thinking he'd grow out of it but he never did.

After seeing her ad on FaceBook, I contacted Sarah for advise. She worked with us to do a sleep plan and within 3 nights he was sleeping dramatically better and in just over a week he was sleeping through (7.30pm-6.15am) Amazing!

The difference this has made to us as a family ( I have an older son) is huge - everyone is much happier including our little boy! 

Thanks Sarah xx"