All of the sleep plans are individual to your child and take into account your parenting style. All of my methods are gentle, kind and achieve outstanding  results. 

2 week baby package  - £300

An hours consultation, a customised sleep plan with 2 weeks of follow up support; this  package is designed for babies that are older than 3 months that have trouble going to sleep or/and are waking frequently, unsettled and/or struggling with their day time naps. After we have had our consultation you will receive 2 weeks of follow up support consisting of Whatsapp, phone calls and emails. 

3 week toddler package - £375

An hours consultation, a customised sleep plan with 3 weeks of follow up support, this is designed for the wonder that are toddlers, refusing to go to bed, refusing to stay in bed, night wakings. After the initial consultation you will receive 3 weeks of follow up support consisting of WhatsApp, phone call and emails.

Newborn package - £300

An hours consultation, a customised sleep guide with up to 2 weeks of follow up support. This package is designed for babies to establish good bed and daytime routines. 

Half Night package - £850

A customised sleep plan with 3 weeks of support, An hours consultation followed by doing the bedtime routine with you. Putting your baby/child to bed with you, Going through any concerns you may have at the time.  Dealing with any night time wake ups that arise when i am there. This package is designed for you that need some extra support during those first few hours when implementing the changes to your babies/childs sleep. You will then have 3 weeks of support, consisting of WhatApp, phonecalls and emails.

30 Minute Phone call - £75

If I don't feel that you need one of my full packages then I offer a 30 minute phone call where we will discuss the sleep issue fully and I will advise on what strategies to use with your little one!