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Sarah's Sleepyheads Services

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Mother and Daughter

 A detailed phonecall £75

If your little one is sleeping fairly well and just needs a nudge in the right direction, with no change of how they go to sleep then Sarah's 30 minute phonecall is perfect.

     Full Consultation with 2 weeks support £250

A full consultation with two weeks support, Sarah will look at all aspects of your childs sleep, diet, routine and take into consideration your childs unique personality and any commiments you as a family have before making recommendations. You have Sarah's support for 2 weeks and this is for parents who feel confident they can handle it from there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mother and Baby
Children's Toys

Full Consultation and 4 weeks support £350

This package is for the 18 months or younger. We will explore the issues you are facing with your little one and see if we can improve all aspects of their day and night. Sarah will not only look at your little ones sleep, diet, routine but she will look at your family as a whole and make changes to fit in with your family life that are sustainable. She will do this gradually and we will all be very clear on our goals.

Wooden Phone

Free 15 minute call

This call allows Sarah to get a bit of background into the issues you are experiencing with your childs sleep. If your baby is behaving in a way Sarah feels is natural then she will reassure you and offer coping tips. If Sarah feels able to give advice there and then she will. If it is more of a complex issue she will be able to advise an appropiate package for you.

Sarah's Sleepyheads Services

Full consultation and 6 weeks of support £450

This is for the 18 months and over who have been at this game for a while. We will look at your childs day and night as a whole and work on building confidence but also setting appropiate boundaries. All of the methods used will be age appropiate and again will be clear on goals from the outset.

Children Doing Headstands


If you are worried about your newborns sleep then the best thing you can do is call Sarah for advice.

Services: Services
Children Doing Headstands
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