Start as you mean to go on!

There is nothing more satisfying in the beginning than cuddling your newborn and them falling asleep on you and by crikey in no way am i saying that this shouldn't happen anymore. Newborns need to feel loved and secure. It is of utmost importance that both mom and dad build up that special bond with them in the early weeks and months, Shower them with love and affection and cuddles and more cuddles. 

However, that said there are still things you can do to start off your little one on the right path where sleep is concerned, Such as..

Establishing night and day 

Setting up a simple bedtime routine

Creating a simple Wake-Feed-Play-Sleep routine

Watching your newborns awake time roughly between 45-60 minutes

Make sure they are not getting overtired. 

Learn his or her sleep cues and feed cues

And many, many more!

            If you would like to give your little one the best start possible regarding sleep then I would love to hear from you!                            

I run a monthly group seminar for £75 per couple, if this would interest you please email or book a call! Limited spaces to ensure all your questions get answered!