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What Happens Next: FAQ

What is the process with Sarah's Sleepyheads?

In the intial contact once Sarah knows a little more about your little one she will let you know whether you need a phone call or full consultation. 

If a full consultation Sarah will then gather information via a form and ask you to keep a food, feed and sleep diary to get the overall picture of your family, your child's personality and their sleep. 

At the consultation Sarah will explain why she feels you are experiencing the issues your little one is having, what to expect and give you two or three methods to choose from that she believes are a good fit for your child and you as a family. 

The support starts when you start.

What happens if we don't like any of the methods that Sarah has chosen for us?

If this is the case, you know your child far better than anybody else then Sarah will discuss all the options with you and you can choose the one you feel is the best fit. 
Sarah will discuss all the pros and cons with each method and it is important that you are honest with her to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing. 
At no point will Sarah ask you to leave your baby to cry.

What happens if it doesn't work?

Sarah can make the conditions for sleep perfect, ensure that naps are taken at optimal times but one thing she can't do is force a child to sleep. 
What Sarah does promise is that she will use all her knowledge, training, evidence base to have your child sleeping as well as they can for them. Children and babies are not robots and can not be programmed as such. 
If you would like a responsive, loving gentle approach to understanding your childs sleep and working with them to build their confidence and feeling happy in your parenting then Sarah can help.

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