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Tips to try before you contact me

Mother with her Baby

Do you have a solid bedtime routine?

The bedtime routine is an important part of the journey to sleep. Its beneficial to have a quiet period before your routine to aid in a smooth calm transistion from play to the bedtime routine.
Your bedtime routine itself should be the same activities in the same order each night.

How dark is it in the bedroom in which your child sleeps?

If you don't have a blackout blind in the bedroom then it is a good idea to get one, especially in summer when it is so light both late into the night and early in the morning. The room should be a 10/10 for darkness if possible. If you have a little one that is afraid of the dark use a red night light which will give out enough light but won't affect their sleep. Remember to check for scary shadows.

What time is bedtime?

Some families I have worked with previously try moving bedtime later in the hope to make their little one sleep better or sleep later. Whilst this can be useful if you are trying to change the way your baby falls asleep, if you are not then it may just lead to your baby or child being over tired. It then becomes increasingly difficult to sleep. Watch for your little ones sleep cues and act upon them.

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