I am a mommy to two young children, Mila is 6 and my little diva Hannah is 3 and they are my world. We live in Shirley, Solihull with our German Shepherd Tammy! 


My first child Mila, slept like a dream, she was an absolute angel baby, we thought Wow!!! We are brilliant parents, (modest too) let's have another.


Hannah was a nightmare sleeper. We were spending more and more time with her, it was getting worse and worse. We spent more time in the evening upstairs with her than we did own bed or spending time together. We'd play paper, rock, scissors to decide whose turn it was!!


Friends and family would offer advice, usually totally conflicting, she'd be screaming at the top of her lungs, we'd read another sleep book, try and fail. Everything began to roll into one! As someone that absolutely adored sleep, I just couldn't cope, I hit rock bottom, it was an awful place to be in, I knew I had to do something. So on a day like no other I enlisted the help of a sleep consultant and it honestly changed our lives. 

 The impact on me was enormous and I immediately knew, this was what I wanted to do! I booked onto the next training course. I was personally trained and mentored by one of the leading sleep consultants in America, she has helped 30,000 families to sleep success.  And the rest is history. I still love my sleep and am passionate about sharing this amazing gift to other families. 

When my families send that first text 'THEY SLEPT THROUGH LAST NIGHT' I'm not sure who is more excited, me or them!! 


I have been working with wonderful families for over 3 years now, if you are struggling then give me a call!