If you would like some age appropriate advice and solutions then I would love to empower you as parents to get the best sleep for your family possible ensuring you rest easy, sleep soundly.


Some of the Happy Mommies and Daddies I have worked with!


Sarah changed our lives. From month 6-10 our baby would not sleep until 11pm and woke hourly for a breastfeed. By night 4 she was sleeping 12 hours straight and napping at predictable times in the day for a longer period. what I liked was that it was a gentle and loving approach, thank you Sarah x

Didn't think our life could improve in three weeks, but wow! Our 3.5 year old along with Sarah's encouragement has changed his sleep behaviour for the better. Wish we had done it way before.

Sarah is amazing! Our 10 month old would only fall asleep feeding, wouldn't sleep in his cot and fed every hour during the night. She took the time to understand our son and the rest of the family and put a plan together that worked for us all. He now sleeps soundly all night and we couldn't be more thankful.

I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. She is patient, understanding and generous with her time....

Our daughter would only go to sleep in our arms and would wake frequently in the night, often staying awake for 2 hours a time and her day naps were very inconsistent. We now have a very happy baby who loves her sleep. We are so glad we worked with Sarah, our only regret is we didn't do it sooner!

"There isn't a price on what you have done for our family and without your help I genuinely don't know what may have happened so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your non-judgemental no-nonsense simple approach and most importantly one that was always focused on my babies wellbeing! Mel xxxxx " 


"In just 10 days, Sarah helped me to break a feeding-to-sleep habit and had my 4 month old settling herself to sleep quickly and calmly, both at night and for her naps. Her approach was gentle and easy to implement, each day I knew what steps I had to take to make improvements to my daughter's sleep, and they certainly worked!" 

"You've honestly made such a difference to my family!! Thank you so much for your help! Catherine xxxxx"

"At 7 months our baby was still waking on average every 90 minutes and wanted to be fed to sleep each time and only usually managed an hour in the cot before wanting to sleep with me! Working with Sarah. It changed our lives! It gave us the energy to get out and start enjoying our maternity leave. I'd definitely recommend Sarah if you are having Sleep issues! Jo xxxx"

"I must admit I was sceptical about sleep training but our daughter never slept for long consistent periods of time. Sarah taught me how to understand my daughters sleep patterns and needs...with her help I got the confidence to tackle the issue head on and now we have a great little sleeper! Emma xxxx"

Are you concerned that your child is not sleeping well, difficult to get to sleep or waking during the night?Would you like to know age appropriate solutions?
Would you like some down to earth, non judgy advice from someone who has been where you are right now? 
Would you like someone to walk you through the whole process until you are getting the sleep you, your family and your baby deserve, be that bed sharing or moving your little one into their own cot?
Would you like a solution where you always respond to your child?
We would discuss all options I feel appropriate for your family at length during our consultation and the final choice would be yours! 
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