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How I Got Here

Since being established in 2016, Sarah's Sleepyheads has been known for an unparalleled commitment to the families she has worked with. Fully trained in the latest techniques, using evidence based information Sarah empowers parents to get the best nights sleep possible by using responsive methods to build their child or babies confidence. From June 2020 I am only offering Holistic responsive methods. For more information about the services Sarah provides, reach out today.



Happy families

3 months ago-

Sarah is an absolute godsend! I called her in absolute despair when my daughter, Effie, was 2. By the time I contacted Sarah, Effie’s sleep habits were so bad that I was unable to get her into bed before 10pm most nights. She would then wake an hour or so later completely hysterical, climbing out of her cot. It would often take me 2 hours to settle her again just to be woken an hour or so later and be faced with having to settle her all over again. Her naps were equally as traumatic.Effie’s lack of sleep was having an extremely negative impact on her moods - by 4pm she would tantrum at length, on and off until bedtime.
Sarah sat and discussed Effie’s habits with me in detail. She then drew up a plan for me. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as there were a lot of bad habits that Effie had developed that I needed to fix, but I was so exhausted I was prepared to try anything and I knew that Sarah was on hand to support me and answer questions on Whatsapp when I needed her.
The first night was very tough (I had to deal with a 3 hour long tantrum at bedtime) but it got a little easier each night. By the fifth night Effie willingly got into her cot - the first time this had EVER happened! By the end of the first week Effie was happily getting into bed by 8pm - I have since brought this forward to 7.30pm - something that 6 months ago I never believed would be possible. She would often still wake once or twice in the night but would settle herself very quickly. After 4 weeks or so she started sleeping through without waking at all. It’s now been 6 months and she sleeps like a dream. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I cannot thank Sarah enough! My only regret was not calling her sooner!

4 months ago-

Sarah was so quick to help us. I emailed her on the verge of a breakdown after months of Baxter waking every 45 mins. I was at my wits end! She instantly made me feel like we could crack it!
We noticed an improvement straight away and by the end of the 2 weeks we were down to the one night feed which was what our aim was! It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined and Sarah was there every step of the way. She was helpful when we had questions but she wasn’t was up to us how much contact we had.
I would definitely recommend Sarah. I feel like she helped Bax become a happier baby and I could be the mum I wanted to be as I wasn’t a walking zombie anymore. Forever in her debt! X

10 months ago-
We have a ten month year old who never slept for more than three hours in a row. From month 6 to 10 she wasn’t going to sleep until 11pm and was waking hourly to breast feed. Her naps were adding up to an hour a day at the very most. It was exhausting and our baby was overtired all the time, as were we! Sarah changed our lives, by night four, our baby was sleeping 12 hours straight and napping at predictable times in the day for a longer period. What I also liked is we were with our baby through the sleep training and it was a gentle, loving approach. Life is so much easier now we all get sleep and time out. It was worth every penny. Thank you, Sarah x


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Tips to try before you contact me

Mother with her Baby

Do you have a solid bedtime routine?

The bedtime routine is an important part of the journey to sleep. Its beneficial to have a quiet period before your routine to aid in a smooth calm transistion from play to the bedtime routine.
Your bedtime routine itself should be the same activities in the same order each night.

How dark is it in the bedroom in which your child sleeps?

If you don't have a blackout blind in the bedroom then it is a good idea to get one, especially in summer when it is so light both late into the night and early in the morning. The room should be a 10/10 for darkness if possible. If you have a little one that is afraid of the dark use a red night light which will give out enough light but won't affect their sleep. Remember to check for scary shadows.

What time is bedtime?

Some families I have worked with previously try moving bedtime later in the hope to make their little one sleep better or sleep later. Whilst this can be useful if you are trying to change the way your baby falls asleep, if you are not then it may just lead to your baby or child being over tired. It then becomes increasingly difficult to sleep. Watch for your little ones sleep cues and act upon them.


More About Sarah's Sleepyheads


These two little ladies are the reason I became a sleep coach. Well actually the one with the cheeky face and the crown is. Hannah and sleep were just not conducive and I was struggling with the lack of sleep and looking after two small children. I trained to be a gentle sleep trainer when she was 6 months old. Over the years I have modified my practice more to my own beliefs and then a year ago I came across Holistic sleep training. I qualified in May 2020 earning me a level 5 OCN in Holistic sleep and love that I can bring sleep to parents with nuture and love.




What is the process with Sarah's Sleepyheads?

In the intial contact once Sarah knows a little more about your little one she will let you know whether you need a phonecall or full consultation. 

If a full consultation Sarah will then gather information via a form and ask you to keep a food, feed and sleep diary to get the overall picture of your family, your childs personality and their sleep. 

At the consulation Sarah will explain why she feels you are experincing the issues your little one is having, what to expect and give you two or three methods to choose from that she believes are a good fit for your child and you as a family. 

The support starts when you start.

What happens if we don't like any of the methods that Sarah has chosen for us?

If this is the case, you know your child far better than anybody else then Sarah will discuss all the options with you and you can choose the one you feel is the best fit. 
Sarah will discuss all the pros and cons with each method and it is important that you are honest with her to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing. 
At no point will Sarah ask you to leave your baby to cry.

What happens if it doesn't work?

Sarah can make the conditions for sleep perfect, ensure that naps are taken at optimal times but one thing she can't do is force a child to sleep. 
What Sarah does promise is that she will use all her knowledge, training, evidence base to have your child sleeping as well as they can for them. Children and babies are not robots and can not be programmed as such. 
If you would like a responsive, loving gentle approach to understanding your childs sleep and working with them to build their confidence and feeling happy in your parenting then Sarah can help.

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